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Date published: 2006/04/05

There must be an election on, the LibDems are dropping leaflets through the door again.

The LibDems say "The Labour government is shifting health funding from places like Oxford and Cambridge to the north of England". Hmmm, I thought the (national) LibDems approved of redistribution of wealth from the richer (e.g. Oxford and Cambridge) to the poorer (e.g. large swathes of the north of England). Perhaps the local LibDems do not.

They say (as usual) that the "Conservatives cannot win in Arbury". Well the "LibDems cannot win in the UK" but that doesn't meant you shouldn't be allowed to vote for them. And they evidently believe that Tory voters who switch would more naturally vote for the LibDems rather than for Labour. And it is true that in Cambridge the LibDems are the party of the rich, rather like "one nation" Tories. So their belief is probably true.

The greenbelt land west of Histon Road (the so-called NIAB land, although NIAB only owns part of it) will be allowed to be developed in the next structure plan. The LibDems are proud to announce that "Vehicle access will not be from residential streets such as Brownlow or Blackhall Roads". And "Access for cars ... will be directly onto Huntingdon and Histon Roads". Well this is typical of the idiotic approach the English take to urban development. The site is huge (over 100 acres) and having just two access points (one at either end) is silly. There should also be access from Brownlow Road, Blackhall Road, and Windsor Road. Otherwise the Cambridge ruling elite is just telling the new residents of these areas that they are second class citizens, with no reasonable access to (say) Gilbert Road and beyond. Indeed on these three roads there are access points already in place. And it so happens that Huntingdon Road and Histon road are also largely "residential streets", but never let the facts get in the way of the LibDems. That bit of greenbelt land could be turned into a desirable neighbourhood (kick out the developers and let people build their own houses on decent plots), instead it will be turned into just another dumping ground for crap housing and crap urban design. Three cheers for the LibDems.

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