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Date published: 2006/04/09

The BBC says:

"The fire of hope is burning bright once again."

In a rhetorical flourish reminiscent of Tony Blair, David Cameron wrapped up his first major speech as Conservative leader.

Although he remained rooted behind a lectern at Manchester's International Convention Centre - not roaming the stage as he had during his leadership bid - Mr Cameron still managed to strike a visionary note as he spoke about trusting people, sharing responsibility and "breaking down the barriers" holding Britain back.

Above his head, as he addressed activists, a single word was projected on to a leafy, environmentally-friendly background in large white letters: CHANGE.

It was as if the Conservatives, having tried calling their members "the nasty party", were now resorting to subliminal advertising in an effort to get them to change their ways.

Mr Cameron mentioned change a total of 27 times during his speech.

Spin and marketing through and through. But perhaps that's what the Tories need. Unfortunately nobody yet knows what any of Cameron's froth actually means in terms of real policies.

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