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Date published: 2006/04/11

The BBC says:

Danger signs should be placed on 4x4 vehicles to prevent parents from using them on the school run, teachers say.

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers will vote on plans to put warnings on dashboards.

History teacher Phil Whalley said 4x4s and sports utility vehicles were more likely than conventional cars to kill children and the danger was increased when bull bars were attached.

He urged the government to carry out further research into the risks.

Mr Whalley, whose Hardenhuish School is in a rural area of Wiltshire, said many parents bought 4x4s as "status symbols".

He added: "This is not about bashing the toffs in their Chelsea tractors or town against country.

"It's not about environmental issues. It's about child safety and education."

He said international research showed 4x4s were more likely to kill small children than normal, lower, cars, as they tended to collide with their chests or heads.

The driver's high vantage point also made it harder to see pedestrians.

Which is worse, toffs with 4x4s, or the envy of the comfortable middle class? Let's just bring this argument to its logical conclusion. If "child safety" is so important, just ban all cars from anywhere near schools. And certainly ban school buses. And although everyone can have a good laugh at this, needless to say if the control (and health and safety) freaks succeed in banning 4x4s, they will next move onto other cars (not buses, because those are politically correct, whereas cars are not).

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