Azara Blog: City council wants cycle parking removed from near Kellett Lodge

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Date published: 2006/04/13

An email does the rounds of university departments located on the Old Addenbrooke's site, from a university employee. The email says:

I'm meeting City Council officers next week about the Kellett Lodge cycle parking - they have already made it clear that they only agreed to the provision of cycle parking there on a temporary basis while the Gurdon Institute building was being built, and want the garden re-instated, to preserve the setting of the Lodge, which is a grade II listed building.

Absolutely unbelievable. Because of the Gurdon Institute being built we need more, not less cycle parking. Indeed we needed more, not less, car parking, but that has already been reduced. But the Cambridge ruling elite hate cars, so that one was a no-brainer. On the other hand they allegedly like cycling. But obviously not really.

Kellett Lodge and cycle parking

Kellett Lodge is a completely unimpressive building. How it ever became Grade II listed is unbelievable, and this perfectly illustrates the fact that the UK lists far, far too many buildings. Even though it is listed, the idea that the cycle parking somehow detracts from its setting is a joke. Kellett Lodge is completely surrounded and overshadowed by university science buildings. (Well, Tennis Court Road and a large ugly brick wall bounding Downing College are on one side, but those hardly make a positive contribution.) In comparison a few cycles make no difference. Indeed, the cycles on the raised section at the left in the photo will remain, as will cycle parking on the other side of the building, it is only the cycle parking on ground level on this side that will be removed. If only the middle class control freaks who run Britain would get lost. Unfortunately instead we have to pay taxes so that they can be paid to wreak their havoc.

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