Azara Blog: The world is probably going to get at least 3C warmer

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Date published: 2006/04/14

The BBC says:

The world is likely to suffer a temperature rise of more than 3C, the government's chief scientist warned.

That would put up to 400 million people worldwide at risk of hunger, said Professor Sir David King in a report based on computer predictions.

He told the BBC the world had to act now to tackle global warming expected to happen over the next 100 years.

He said even if international agreement could be reached on limiting emissions, climate change was inevitable.

The UK Government and the EU want to stabilise the climate at an increase of no more than 2C, but the US refuses to cut emissions and those of India and China are rising quickly.

The government report says a 3C rise would cause a drop worldwide of between 20 and 400 million tonnes in cereal crops and put about 400 million more people at risk of hunger.

Nothing new here. The world is going to have to learn to cope with increased temperatures (unless the models are seriously wrong, which is possible, since nobody really knows what technology lies around the corner). Perhaps the BBC can show some public spirit and lead the way by pledging never to pay for its employees to fly anywhere. We don't really need all those journalists flying all over the place just so they can report on news that they could perfectly well report from home.

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