Azara Blog: Yet another middle class consultancy complaining about UK consumption

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Date published: 2006/04/15

The BBC says:

The UK is about to run out of its own natural resources and become dependent on supplies from abroad, a report says.

A study by the New Economics Foundation (Nef) and the Open University says 16 April is the day when the nation goes into "ecological debt" this year.

It warns if annual global consumption levels matched the UK's, it would take 3.1 Earths to meet the demand.

But bio-geography professor Philip Stott criticised the "doomsday report", arguing it would hit poorer nations.

"What we tend to have - not just with this report but alternative reports on the other side - are two theological positions," said Prof Stott, of London University.

"This one is the kind of Doomsday report - on the other hand the total free-traders are far too optimistic."

He went on: "If we did follow this report for example the damage to the Third World would be very great indeed because of course trade is the main dynamo of growth."

More hand-wringing from the comfortable middle classes. Unfortunately Britain is rich enough that it is plagued by consultancies such as Nef, that produce nothing but hot air, and survive off handouts from the rest of society. Needless to say, they are amongst the well off in society, and if they are so offended by Britain allegedly sponging off the rest of the world, they can stop their own sponging and give away their possessions and become poor.

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