Azara Blog: David Cameron still pretending he is green

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Date published: 2006/04/18

The BBC says:

Conservative leader David Cameron will focus on the environment for the final phase of the local election campaign.

Mr Cameron will help distribute recycling boxes to residents, urging them to "vote blue, go green", in the lead up to the 4 May elections.

He is expected to pledge that Tory councillors will work for cross-party consensus to preserve the environment.

He will also launch a pamphlet in which he says the Tories will lead a "new green revolution" in Britain.

Speaking ahead of his campaign's launch in Brentwood, Essex, Mr Cameron said he wanted to see what he called "green growth" - a combination of economic growth and a sustainable environment.

"Some of the green lobby and a lot of the media tend to look at the environment and climate change as, look you've got a binary choice, you can either have economic growth or you can have a sustainable environment, and the truth is we've got to have both. We've got to have green growth."

In his foreword to a leaflet that will set out the Conservative environmental agenda, he says "we have to think globally and act locally".
Later this week he will travel to the Arctic Circle to see the impact of global warming, including a glacier which has lost almost half its mass in the past century.

More meaningless hot air from Cameron. And his lark to the Artic Circle will cause more carbon emissions in one go than many people in the world are responsible for in a year.

On the other hand, New Labour has dropped to a new low tonight with their latest party political TV ad. In it they say nothing about their policies but instead spend the whole time claiming that Cameron is a chameleon (complete with the obvious nauseating Boy George music track) who is appealing to all sectors of the electorate (blue, red, yellow and green) by just telling them what they want to hear, determined via focus groups. Hell hath no fury like a political party whose entire modus operandi has been stolen by another political party.

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