Azara Blog: Stansted northern link road from M11 dropped

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Date published: 2006/04/18

The Cambridge Evening News says:

Plans for an M11/A120 link road to the north and east of Stansted Airport have been dropped.

Both BAA and the Government have agreed there are other preferable options such as a significant upgrade around junction eight of the M11.

One option is to improve the existing access from junction eight and the A120.

Another is to provide additional access immediately north of junction eight from the M11 and A120.

Both are intended to reduce the growing airport's environmental impact.

BAA will shortly begin work on environmental surveys to decide which of the two schemes should be included later this year in a public consultation on road and rail requirements for an extra runway.

In addition, environmental information will be gathered in connection with the possible widening of the M11 between the M25 and junction eight.

Alastair McDermid, second runway project director, said: "As our plans continue to take shape for the second runway development, I am delighted by dropping plans for the M11/A120 link road we have removed an element of uncertainty for those living in communities to the north and east of Stansted."

He expected the planning application for the second runway to be made in the summer of 2007.

This proposed link road was one aspect of the expansion of Stansted which made little sense. It would have been expensive to build such a new road with little benefit that could not have been achieved by just giving the southbound traffic on the M11 an exit onto the (new) A120 similarly (and more easily) to how the northbound traffic now gets one. If for some reason the A120 needs more capacity then that can easily be widened further, there is plenty of space.

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