Azara Blog: Catholic cardinal says condoms are ok to stop Aids

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Date published: 2006/04/21

The BBC says:

One of the Roman Catholic Church's most distinguished cardinals has publicly backed the use of condoms among married couples to prevent Aids transmission.

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini said that in couples where one had HIV/Aids, which could pass to the partner, the use of condoms was "a lesser evil".

The Vatican says condoms should never be used, even to stop Aids spreading from one married partner to another.
According to insistent reports, Cardinal Martini was a close runner-up in last year's papal election.

A small chink in the usual medieval outlook of the Catholic Church. But a bit pathetic that anyone in the 21st century can deem condoms to be "evil", even if he is willingly to grudingly state that they are "a lesser evil" compared to Aids.

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