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Date published: 2006/04/23

The BBC says:

Prime Minister Tony Blair has accused his political opponents and some of his own MPs of being out of touch with public opinion on law and order.

He told a Sunday newspaper he wanted to "harry, hassle and hound" criminals into giving up - or leaving Britain.

And he denied his policies on ID cards, anti-social behaviour or DNA storage by police were eroding civil rights.

Mr Blair was responding to e-mails from the Observer accusing him of "steadily attacking our rights and freedoms".

"This is as much an issue of modernity as liberty" he said, arguing that new police powers were needed to tackle 21st century crime.

"You can't deal with the levels of sophistication in today's organised crime by traditional methods."

He said "Dixon of Dock Green" policing no longer worked and was "leaving the innocent unprotected and the guilty unpunished".
The prime minister went on to outline specific measures he wanted to take, including making it "a presumption that those who deal in drugs to young children should go to prison".

He said he would make breaching a drugs treatment order an arrestable offence and proposed seizing cars from suspected drug dealers.

If there is anyone who lives in a bubble, it is the prime minister. And unfortunately he seems to have little time for the rule of law. Instead he just seems to want a dictatorship, where he can decree who is innocent and who is guilty. As one small example from the article (and the Observer lists plenty more), Blair seems to think nothing about wanting to seize cars "from suspected drug dealers". Once upon a time the State used to have to prove someone was guilty of a crime in a court of law before the State expropriated his property, but not any more. New Labour, New Dictatorship.

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