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Date published: 2006/04/24

The BBC says:

Conservative leader David Cameron is to commit his party to reduce carbon emissions from cars by nearly a third.

He will outline a series of incentives to get people to switch to more environmentally friendly cars.

He also wants more school buses to cut down on parents unnecessarily using their cars on the school run.
Mr Cameron's emissions target would mean virtually all cars on Britain's roads would have to be powered by new technologies such as hybrid motors.

He has declined to say whether he would increase vehicle excise duty for gas-guzzlers or impose a green tax on air flights which produce huge amounts of carbon.

He has also indicated he is against a ban on road-building.

But senior Tory sources say "ideas are coming" to deal with the school run in particular.

Unfortunately the school run is a lot worse these days because children no longer have to go to their local school, and this makes using school buses next to impossible, the children are too dispersed to make it energy efficient (when you include both direct and indirect use of energy). So are the Tories going to take away parents' "choice" of a school? (Of course it is not really the parents' choice, it is the school's choice, and this is particularly insidious, allowing a bunch of unaccountable people some power over who is granted right to attend a school.) And how will David Cameron's kids go to school?

There is the further problem that after-school activities mean that all kids do not go home at the same time. And there is yet a further problem in that parents of today are hysterical (courtesy of the media) about Little Johnny getting kidnapped / abused / hit by a car, so prefer to take him by car rather than let him walk or cycle (assuming by some miracle that he is going to a local school so is close enough to walk or cycle).

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