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Date published: 2006/04/27

The BBC says:

Plans to build Europe's largest onshore wind farm on a vast stretch of moorland south of Glasgow have been approved by the Scottish Executive.

Scottish Power said its £300m Whitelee project should be completed by 2009.

With 140 turbines, it will generate 322 megawatts of electricity - enough to power nearly every house in Glasgow.

Consent was granted after consultation as the wind farm had raised several issues over its impact on weather and air traffic radars and the landscape.

The farm will be built on high ground south of East Kilbride.

It will cover a huge area of moorland and forestry, on a site measuring 7.2 miles by 4.3 miles.

It will provide enough green energy to power 200,000 homes.
Marcus Rand, chief executive of the British Wind Energy Association, said: "Wind represents our best chance of delivering significant quantities of carbon free power."

Good on Scotland for trying this out (well, assuming the locals are properly compensated). Hopefully some day the Glasgow/Edinburgh megapolis can derive most of its electricity this way, from nearby wind farms. But presumably for now much of this electricity will be "shipped south" to England. And the wind propagandists should really stop repeating the lie that wind energy is "carbon free". It is not carbon free because of the huge amount of energy (mostly oil) that needs to be burned up front making the equipment and installing the distribution network, and the (smaller) amount needed for maintenance every year, and then the amount required for decommissioning (some time way in the future). But when the sums are done properly, hopefully wind is less evil than (for example) natural gas. (Well, no doubt when enough wind farms are on stream, scientists will discover some effect which means there are some unforseen negative environmental consequences. There is no such thing as a free lunch.)

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