Azara Blog: Tories want to ban Scottish MPs from voting on English issues

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Date published: 2006/07/02

The BBC says:

The Conservatives are to recommend Scottish MPs be banned from voting on issues that only affect England.

A party spokesman said the Tories were "almost certain" to back the idea, which has been recommended by a task force led by Kenneth Clarke.

The debate over the post-devolution role for Scottish MPs became known as the "West Lothian question" after being first posed by former MP Tam Dalyell.

Tory leader David Cameron supported the idea in his party's leadership contest.

The measure was also included in the Conservative manifesto at the last election.

The Tories want to end what they believe is the unfairness of Scottish MPs voting on issues such as health and education in England, although these matters are decided by the Scottish parliament north of the border.

The Tories are totally correct, it is totally ridiculous that Scottish MPs have any say of matters that impact only England. But of course the Tories are not doing this because of any principle but because they are largely an English party and conversely Labour is in power in Westminister only because of its large swathe of Scottish MPs. So this is a grab for power.

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