Azara Blog: Cambridge nuclear bunker might be used for storage

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Date published: 2006/07/05

The Cambridge Evening News says:

Plans to use a nuclear bunker for storage could save it from demolition.

The Grade II-listed bunker, left over from the Cold War, was earmarked to be bulldozed by housing developers Countryside Properties.

But after a long-running tale of twists and turns, Surrey company Keepsafe Self Storage has now made a bid to use it as a stock room.

The building, on the former Government buildings site off Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge, first became a contentious issue in 2003 after the 20th Century Society campaigned for its protection and it became a listed building.

Eva Branscome, of the society, said: "I am hopeful about the new proposal. This is the ideal solution for the bunker and we will not be opposing the application.

"The exterior of the bunker will not be touched and there is nothing on the interior that is in the public interest. This is the obvious use."

The 1950s bunker was originally built as a standby regional seat of government for use in the event of a nuclear attack.

Cambridge City Council eventually gave the green light for demolition after Countryside bought the site for upmarket housing.

But after receiving objections the application was sent for a full planning inquiry.

This has now been postponed while the council considers the latest application.

Sounds like the best medium-term solution, the bunker really is not good for very much except for storage. One problem is site access, the bunker is located at the far end of the Accordia development and the only access is via residential roads.

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