Azara Blog: Amphibian researchers want $400 million

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Date published: 2006/07/07

The BBC says:

Hundreds of amphibian species will become extinct unless a global action plan is put into practice very soon, conservationists warn.

Campaigners are forming an Amphibian Survival Alliance, to raise $400m and carry through a rescue strategy.

More than a third of all amphibian species are said to be in peril.

In a policy statement issued in the journal Science, researchers blame a number of factors including habitat loss, climate change and disease.
"Time is absolutely crucial, and to beat time we need human recourses and expertise, and finance."
In this week's edition of the journal Science, leading conservationists announce the creation of an Amphibian Survival Alliance which will co-ordinate the initiative - pushing forward research, field programmes, captive breeding and making sure the "global crisis" remains at the forefront of policy-making.

Join the queue. Everybody else on the planet also believes the world will end unless their vital work is funded. And here the alleged solutions (e.g. captive breeding) have little impact on some of the alleged causes (e.g. habitat loss and climate change). So this large amount of money could end up being money poorly spent.

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