Azara Blog: Cameron says teenagers who wear hooded tops are just trying to blend in

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Date published: 2006/07/09

The BBC says:

Conservative leader David Cameron is expected to call for greater understanding of teenage "hoodies" in a forthcoming speech on social justice.

Mr Cameron will say teenagers who hide under hooded tops are trying to "blend in" rather than appear threatening.

In a speech on Monday he will describe them as "a response to a problem, not a problem itself".

And he will argue that while teenage criminals must be punished, they should also be shown "a lot more love".

Hooded tops have come to be viewed by some as a symbol of social disorder.

No doubt Cameron will now appear at the Notting Hill Festival in a "hoodie", as Hague did in a baseball cap. Well hopefully sooner or later Cameron will offer real policies rather than just endless soft-focus pap.

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