Azara Blog: Lib Dems want cars banned on hot days

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Date published: 2006/07/09

The BBC says:

Summer smog causes the deaths of more than 3,000 people each year, the Liberal Democrats have warned.

However, the government says the number of deaths caused by smog cannot be determined and claims the problem has lessened in the past 20 years.

Summer smog is the noxious air produced when sunlight reacts with pollutants released into the lower atmosphere.

Lib Dem environment spokesman Chris Huhne said traffic levels should be cut on hot, windless days.

More posturing and control freakery from the no-longer-very-liberal Liberal Democrats. And how are traffic levels going to be cut on "hot, windless days"? Perhaps by taxing poor people off the roads, which is the usual solution the UK ruling elite suggest. Or perhaps by arbitrarily deciding that cars with above a certain engine size should be banned (independent of how many people are in the car), which is more in keeping with Huhne's one and only actual suggested policy (a silly annual car tax of 2000 pounds for "the most polluting" cars).

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