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Date published: 2006/08/03

The BBC says:

A huge rise in house building in the West Midlands' countryside threatens green belt land and is "environmental vandalism", campaigners have claimed.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) fears the region is the new "battleground" for housing development due to increased government pressure.

Government predictions could see 50% more land than currently planned being allocated over the next 25 years.

The government, and housing charity Shelter, have rubbished the claims.
The CPRE said the government's belief that building more houses will reduce prices is misguided.

It is not convinced that the house building industry would build at the much higher rate and believes developers could end up cherry picking the most profitable green field sites.

The exodus of people from the city to the countryside would accelerate, the CPRE believes, undermining efforts to make areas like East Birmingham, the Black Country and North Staffordshire more desirable places in which to live.

The sole purpose of the CPRE seems to be to make everybody else in the housing debate look good. They themselves are one of the biggest threats to the countryside, because they are determined to freeze it in time, and in particular make it economically dead. And let the middle class members of the CPRE, who no doubt live in very nice houses thank you very much, go live in some modern-build rabbit hutch in some brownfield urban slum if they think it is something that should be forced on other people. If people want to live in the countryside they should be allowed to live there (assuming they can afford to do so). There is plenty of land, in spite of what the alarmists always claim.

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