Azara Blog: UN finally gets around to possibly passing a resolution on Lebanon

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Date published: 2006/08/05

The BBC says:

The US and France have agreed the wording of a UN resolution to end the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah.

It calls for a "full cessation of hostilities", demanding that Hezbollah halt all attacks and Israel stop all offensive military operations.

A BBC correspondent at the UN says the wording would allow Israel some freedom if it argues it needs to defend itself.

The UN Security Council has held initial consultations on the draft. Israel has so far reacted cautiously.
Israeli cabinet minister Isaac Herzog called the text an "important development", but said Israel needed to know all the details before responding.

Until the resolution came into force, the operation against Hezbollah would continue, he said.

A Lebanese cabinet minister from Hezbollah, Mohammad Fneish, said the organisation would abide by the proposed resolution only if Israel withdrew all of its troops from Lebanon.

The colonial powers have spoken, only it is far too early to know if anything will come of it. And of course there is still the question of who will pay for all the criminal damage that Israel has caused in Lebanon.

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