Azara Blog: Ministers and civil servants gripe about each other

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Date published: 2006/08/07

The BBC says:

Ministers and top civil servants have given a no holds barred account of what they think of each other.

An Institute for Public Policy Research report reveals anger on both sides about what they see as a lack of accountability and qualifications.

There is also a belief by many mandarins that poor performance is not being tackled effectively.

In a rare move, IPPR researchers have interviewed ministers and their current senior civil servants for their views.

The report suggests that while ministers are often not specialists in their fields, their top civil servants are hardly experts either.
Both sides complain that there is a lack of accountability for driving improvement, with failure going unpunished and success rarely rewarded.

Who would have thought it? Thank god for the geniuses of the IPPR for pointing out the totally obvious. And how much were they paid to produce this pointless report?

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