Azara Blog: Local Government Association blames immigrants for council tax rises

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Date published: 2006/08/08

The BBC says:

Sharp council tax rises may be needed in the next few years to fund housing and education for immigrant families, says the Local Government Association.

The LGA, which represents local authorities in England and Wales, says rises of 6% on top of inflation-related increases may be needed in some places.

It says councils do not get enough cash to fund the services because official figures under estimate migrant levels.

But ministers say funding is fair and based on the best figures available.

Ministers can well claim that the funding is "based on the best figures available" but that is not the point. The question is whether the figures are accurate. On the other hand, the LGA whinges every year that central government is not funding local authorities enough, and so always claims that there will be "sharp council tax rises" which are all the fault of central government. Using immigration as the main excuse is a clever way of feeding off current public anxiety (stoked by the media) as part of this propaganda exercise.

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