Azara Blog: CPRE cries wolf about new homes on greenfield land

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Date published: 2006/08/09

The BBC says:

Many councils are needlessly building new homes on greenfield land, rural campaigners say.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England criticised 13 councils for building less than a third of new homes on previously developed brownfield land.

These include Milton Keynes, Harlow and Corby, which was labelled "England's worst recycler".

Corby Borough Council dismissed the report as misleading due to an anomaly in the government's classification.

The council said most of the new homes in the area were being built in two former quarries which were not classified as brownfield.

Chris Mallender, the council's chief executive, said: "What we're doing with local support is building new housing where these limestone quarries stood in preference to building on amenity green space or very valuable ancient woodland in the centre of Corby."

More nonsense from the CPRE. At least the BBC allowed Corby to point out the nonsense. More generally, the classification of land into brownbelt and greenbelt is fairly arbitrary. Marshall's Airport in Cambridge will soon be closed down so that Cambridge can dump thousands of new homes on the land (for no good reason). The airport is deemed brownfield although the vast majority of it is just grass, and so just as "green" by almost any sensible definition as most of the (largely sterile and economically unproductive) greenfield land near Cambridge. The situation at Oakington airbase with the new town of Northstowe is similar. As is the old Simoco site in Cambridge. Back gardens of houses are also deemed to be brownfield.

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