Azara Blog: Security measures still bringing Heathrow airport to a standstill

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Date published: 2006/08/12

The BBC says:

Stringent security searches which have led to long delays and cancellations at Heathrow are not sustainable, airport operator BAA has warned.

The airport cancelled a third of flights on Saturday evening in a bid to speed its return to a normal schedule.

Heathrow earlier came under fire from British Airways for being unable to cope with the extra security measures.

Meanwhile, Ryanair said the government should provide additional staff to carry out body searches at airports.
Ryanair's chief executive officer Michael O'Leary said BAA needed help from the government.

He said: "If the British government is serious about defeating terrorism and not allowing the terrorists to disrupt normal everyday British life, then the government must provide the additional security staffing - either police or army reserve personnel - immediately to prevent London's main airports from grinding to a halt over the coming days."

O'Leary is far too kind about the British government. The government is great at grandstanding and theatrics, it is hopeless at actually doing anything to help resolve the situation that they themselves enforced with plenty of forward knowledge.

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