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Date published: 2006/08/13

The BBC says:

New security procedures have led to a fourth day of disruption to flights at the UK's busiest airports.

Ryanair has cancelled more than 30 flights from Stansted and British Airways cancelled a third of Heathrow flights and more than 20 from Gatwick.

BA has criticised operator BAA, which owns all three airports, calling on them to increase resources.

But BAA said these were "unprecedented times" and "the safety and security of the public is the utmost priority".
Easyjet said it intended to operate as close as possible to its full programme on Sunday. However the airline urged passengers to pack all items into one piece of luggage to minimise check-in delays and possible cancellations.

Ryanair, meanwhile, called on the government to provide police or Army reserves to help carry out searches.

But the company said the measures should only be targeted towards the flights at risk or groups that posed a threat.

"The goal of these terrorists and extremists is not just to kill but also to disrupt the economic life of Britain," Ryanair's chief executive Michael O'Leary said.

"We believe that the body search requirement can and should be revised from 100% to the normal 25% of passengers without in any way diminishing airport security."

If this is what the airlines are saying in public, imagine what they are saying in private to the government. Blair of course wants to talk the talk and look tough on terrorism, but the government reaction has handed a massive victory to the terrorists, as well as causing ever increasing economic losses to the country.

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