Azara Blog: John Reid plays the terrorism card yet again

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Date published: 2006/08/16

The BBC says:

UK Home Secretary John Reid has said Europe faced a "persistent and very real" threat from terrorism, after a meeting with EU counterparts in London.

But he said the presence of five other interior ministers and top EU officials symbolised Europe's determination to stand together and defend their values.
He said the talks had discussed practical measures in four areas:

The world was faced by a form of "intolerant and violent totalitarianism", he added, which was subverting a religion, Islam, whose very name stood for peace.

Where would the world be without John Reid. Europe has faced a "persistent and very real" threat from terrorism as long as most Europeans have been alive. His comments are the usual irrelevant banalities we expect from the Blair government. Of course he made no mention that British (i.e. American) foreign policy has made the situation much, much worse than it would be otherwise. In particular, if he wants to talk about violence, he can look no further than the shambles of the American and British occupation of Iraq.

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