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Date published: 2006/08/18

The BBC says:

The Tories have launched a campaign to build more family homes with gardens - instead of "pokey one-bedroom flats".

They claim planning rules brought in by John Prescott could spell the end for back gardens and lead to suburban neighbourhoods being concreted over.

They want an end to "rigid" planning rules which cram buildings together.
The Tories say there is "growing concern about how John Prescott's planning rules are leading to leafy gardens being dug up and replaced with soulless and ugly blocks of flats".

Shadow local government secretary Caroline Spelman the price of family homes was being "artificially inflated" because developers were being "forced" to build flats.

And what the public really wanted were "family homes with sufficient parking spaces and gardens for children to play in," she added.

Amazing, one of the political parties has finally stated the obvious. Of course the urban planning elite hate this view, because they think everybody (but themselves) should be housed in high density urban slums. In Cambridge there are few houses being built, except on the outskirt of town, and those are all rather dreadful, with tiny gardens. But there are zillions of new flats going up, and mostly for London commuters, so not even that helpful for the housing situation for Cambridge workers. Not everybody wants a decent garden, but a lot of people do, and the current situation means that hardly any houses of that kind are being built. The result is that the housing stock of Britain continues to decline in overall quality. (Well, the new houses are hopefully at least more energy efficient than the existing stock, but that is about their only advantage.)

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