Azara Blog: Airline passengers manage to kick two "Arabic" people off a plane

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Date published: 2006/08/20

The BBC says:

Passengers on a Manchester-bound flight have described how two men were removed from the plane because they were acting suspiciously and speaking Arabic.

Heath Schofield, a passenger on the flight from Malaga, described it as being a "bit like Chinese whispers".

Monarch Airlines said passengers had demanded the men were removed because they were acting suspiciously.

Birmingham MP Khalid Mahmood said it was disgraceful the pair seemed to have been judged on their skin colour.

The pair - reported to be of Asian or Middle Eastern appearance - were taken from Wednesday's flight ZB 613 and questioned but were allowed to fly back to the UK later in the week.

Unbelievable, but rather predictable given the utter hysteria generated by the government and certain sections of the media against Muslims. (And of course, as far as many Brits are concerned, anyone who is of "Asian or Middle Eastern appearance", i.e. not white and not black, must be Muslim, and therefore a terrorism suspect. The police killed a Brazilian on the very same theory.)

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