Azara Blog: Teachers should allegedly not be worried about the risks of school trips

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Date published: 2006/08/22

The BBC says:

A campaign has been launched to encourage people to stop worrying about "trivial" concerns over safety and concentrate on real risks.

The Health and Safety Commission said unnecessary concerns over paperwork and the fear of being sued were being used to cancel school trips and outings.

Instead it is urging people to focus on risks that cause harm and suffering.

A set of guidelines on sensible risk management has been released to coincide with the campaign.

The HSC is concerned that too much concern over paperwork and bureaucracy will stifle learning and innovation.

They are taking the piss. The HSC is part of the problem, not part of the solution. Their entire remit is to put health and safety above all else, and to make the rules more and more rigid in time (because they have to continually justify their existence) and rarely is any cost-benefit analysis even done. And it will be teachers, not the HSC, who carry the can if and when something goes wrong on a school trip. School trips can quite easily "cause harm and suffering". There is no way to guarantee 100% that no student is killed nor seriously injured. Unfortunately the HSC and certain parents (at the behest of lawyers) seem to believe that safety ought to be able to be guaranteed 100%, and if anything happens then the teachers have to be blamed.

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