Azara Blog: BASF wants to grow GM potatoes in the UK

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Date published: 2006/08/23

The BBC says:

A chemical company has asked for permission to grow the first trial crop of genetically modified (GM) potatoes in the UK.

BASF says it hopes GM potatoes could be sold in the UK within 10 years.

It says they would be resistant to late blight disease, meaning no need for spraying fields with fungicides, and could save millions in damaged crops.

But environmentalists say consumers do not want GM potatoes even if it means cutting back on chemicals.

The so-called environmentalists have to make you laugh. They have a religious hatred of GM food. They don't care even if GM food sometimes does some good (e.g. by requiring fewer chemicals). They don't have any real argument against GM food. So they blame consumers. But of course it is they who have scare-mongered the public to be anti-GM food, in the same way that Bush and Blair constantly scare-monger the public about terrorism.

And poor BASF. They must be pretty naive to think they can convince the scare-mongered public through rational debate and scientific demonstration that GM potatoes are ok. Well, maybe in 10 years the UK public will think differently, you never know.

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