Azara Blog: Surprise: cities are warmer than surrounding areas

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Date published: 2006/08/25

The BBC says:

The impact of climate change is likely to be more severe in major cities, with the elderly most at risk, according to a study commissioned for the Greater London Authority and obtained exclusively by the BBC Ten O'Clock News.

The predicted rise in temperatures in the coming decades will be exacerbated by what scientists call the "urban heat island effect", in which temperatures during heatwaves can be 6-7C higher in cities than in surrounding areas.

The new research, led by Professor Glenn McGregor of King's College London, analyses data from recent heatwaves and concludes that the risk of heat-related deaths is greater in urban areas, especially in London.

Well the Greater London Authority (GLA) funded this work and the result is so self-evidently true (cites are warmer: shock, horror) that this "research" seems more a political exercise than anything else (perhaps the GLA is trying to screw more money out of central government).

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