Azara Blog: Soil Association wants to browbeat tourist attractions into serving "healthy" food

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Date published: 2006/08/26

The BBC says:

Fast food remains top of the menu at major tourist attractions across the country, a report has found.

A "secret mum", who visited 14 top attractions for the Soil Association, found most sites were failing to provide healthy food and drink choices.

The Eden Project and the Tower of London were the healthiest, serving fresh fruit and drinking water.

New MetroLand in Gateshead and Camelot Theme Park in Chorley, Lancs, were named as the two worst offenders.

How terrible that all these attractions give their customers what they want rather than what the chattering middle classes, as epitomised by the people behind the Soil Association, want. On a decent day out there's nothing better than a burger and a coke.

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