Azara Blog: BNP delivers leaflets in Arbury

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Date published: 2006/08/28

The BNP (the British National Party or more plausibly the British Nutters Party), for some reason, dropped three leaflets through the letterboxes of (at least part of) Arbury today. The leaflets contain the usual sort of crap about immigration you would expect from the BNP, although it's not overtly racist (they don't want to go to prison). One of the leaflets asks the questions:

Heck, most of that you could imagine the Tories asking. Except that the Tories would have used "their" instead of "there" in the second question and would have capitalised "Union" in the fourth question. It seems that one of the "English traditions" the BNP are keen on is not being educated. And most of those questions could be asked completely independently of immigration. Most of the time on many issues most people "feel betrayed by the government".

One thing the BNP promises:

A future BNP government will give immigrants here who want to go back the opportunity of voluntary resettlement with cash incentives whereby immigrants resident in Britain will be encouraged, but not forced, to return to their lands of native origin.

Hmmm, are they really going to apply this to all immigrants? Most immigrants come from North America or the European Union. Perhaps the BNP will come true to colour and decide that the "incentives" should only be offered to non-whites.

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