Azara Blog: Man who made video of London Eye found innocent of being a terrorist

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Date published: 2006/08/29

The BBC says:

A minicab driver has been cleared of making or possessing a video of potential terrorist targets in London.

His film, shot at night, featured "high profile" sights including Big Ben, the London Eye and Park Lane hotels.

Iraqi Rauf Mohammed, 26, told Woolwich Crown Court the video had been shot as a tourist souvenir.

Mr Mohammed, of Forest Gate, east London, also said footage of him saying leaders, including Tony Blair, should be "slayed" had been meant as a joke.

Mr Mohammed's film, which was made in 2003, featured images of the high security Paddington Green police station where terrorist suspects are held.

It was shot as he drove around London listening to music about martyrdom but was described by the defence as evidence of a "silly" sense of humour.

Prosecutor Mr Paul Taylor claimed the film was designed to help terrorists "plan and carry out an attack on the capital".

Welcome to Blair Country, where people can be brought to court on rather spurious "terrorism" charges. Perhaps the chap was not entirely innocent, but the prosecutors evidently had a fairly weak case. You can imagine many people not saying very polite or politically correct things about Blair in private. And the idea that videos of Big Ben and the London Eye were treated as statements about anything is rather scary. Almost any tourist in the UK could be brought up on "terrorism" charges if such videos (or still photos) were allowed to be taken as evidence. Of course in Blair Country, only Muslims (and Brazilians and other non-whites mistaken as Muslims) need fear being labelled as terrorists.

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