Azara Blog: Breastfeeding allegedly does not make you cleverer

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Date published: 2006/10/04

The BBC says:

Breastfed babies are smarter because their mothers are clever in the first place, not because of any advantage of breastfeeding itself, a study suggests.

Researchers found breastfeeding mothers tended to be more intelligent, more highly educated, and likely to provide a more stimulating home environment.

However, they stressed that there were still many advantages to breastfeeding.
They found that mothers who breastfed tended to be more intelligent, and when this fact was taken into account, most of the relationship between breastfeeding and the child's intelligence disappeared.

The rest was accounted for by other aspects of the family background.

All pretty obvious, but at least somebody has come out and said it. Not that it will stop the health faddists from peddling a thousand and one other crackpot ideas.

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