Azara Blog: Cambridge and Oxford allegedly ranked second and third in the world

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Date published: 2006/10/05

The BBC says:

Harvard has retained its top place in a world universities ranking this year, but Cambridge and Oxford have moved up to second and third.

They displaced the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is now ranked fourth in the Times Higher Education Supplement's table.

There are 29 British universities in the top 200 - six more than last year, a bigger rise than any other country.

Another is now in the top 10: Imperial College London, up from 13th last year.
The university rankings are based on a survey of 3,703 academics worldwide.

They were asked to nominate up to 30 institutions they regarded as the best at research in their own fields.

On that measure, Cambridge came top, followed by Oxford then Harvard.

All rather silly, and the day an American publication puts Cambridge and Oxford so high in any ranking, you might give the result rather more credibility.

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