Azara Blog: Teaching at universities is allegedly under threat

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Date published: 2006/10/05

The Cambridge Evening News says:

Teaching at universities is under threat, Cambridge University's Vice-Chancellor has warned.

In her annual address at the start of the new academic year, Prof Alison Richard said undergraduate education was being put at risk by the pressure universities and their staff were under to focus on research.

Research was seen as having higher status than teaching, and was more important when it came to university rankings, and attracting investment.

This meant more and more academics saw teaching as less important for their careers, and believed it made less sense economically.

At Cambridge University teaching has long been considered to be unimportant compared with research. Just look at any of the job adverts for academic staff. And people who get lumbered with teaching are often treated like second-class citizens. But it's been like this pretty much forever.

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