Azara Blog: Government wants religious schools not to be so religious

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Date published: 2006/10/15

The BBC says:

All new religious schools could have to offer at least 25% of their classroom places to "non-believing" children, the BBC has learned.

Education Secretary Alan Johnson believes the move could reduce religious and racial tension.

His plans stipulate that where there is "strong local opposition" to the policy, councils would need government consent before implementing the quota.

A Conservative Party spokesman said they welcomed the proposals.

More arbitrary (why 25%?) and silly meddling by the government in education. The whole point of a religious school is that people who attend ought to believe in that religion. If the government doesn't like the impact of religious schools then it should just ban them, or at least provide no explicit or implicit funding for them. And it is odd that new religious schools should be affected but not existing ones. How fair is that?

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