Azara Blog: Cambridge city councillor wants more family housing built

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Date published: 2006/10/16

The Cambridge Evening News says:

Cambridge will become a city of singletons and childless couples thanks to a lack of family homes, according to a former mayor.

Coun John Hipkin, who served as Mayor of Cambridge last year, said the city council appeared to be using planning permission as a form of "contraception" by allowing hundreds of one and two bedroom flats to be built - but hardly any developments for families.

His comments come hot on the heels of Cambridge-based property consultant Carter Jonas' warning family homes in the city would become like "gold dust".

Cambridge is a young town (relatively speaking) so there is some excuse for building a preponderance of flats. But the colleges are more and more putting up enough buildings to house their own students, so that part of the market is going to dry up. And it is obvious to anyone who cares to walk around Cambridge that far too many flats are being built, and the only way this will work is if most of the occupants of those flats are London commuters. Not that much family housing is being built and certainly no family housing is being built (with one or two exceptions) that is anywhere near top notch, except in price. Carter Jonas is not wrong, although of course they only cater for near-millionaires and above, and it would be nice if the ordinary people of Cambridge were able to live in decent accomodation instead of the rabbit hutches being built all over the city. Unfortunately the current ruling elite (in Cambridge and in the UK generally) believe the ordinary people should live in rabbit hutches.

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