Azara Blog: Some toxicologists deride chemical scare-mongering

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Date published: 2006/10/16

The BBC says:

Leading toxicologists have warned green groups are "misleading" the public with chemical contamination campaigns.

They said they are deliberately and unfairly scaring the public.

In particular, they criticised a WWF campaign that has highlighted the presence of chemicals in blood, food and in babies' umbilical cords.

The scientists said the minute levels detected did not warrant the group's focus on health dangers, but WWF has denied it was scare-mongering.

Shock, horror, so-called environmentalists run scare campaigns. That is their entire modus operandi, since unless they claim the world is about to end, nobody pays them the slightest attention. Of course in the decades ahead nobody will remember most of their scare stories. And unfortunately by the laws of probability they will almost certainly eventually pick on some chemical that will indeed be found to cause a problem. If you cry wolf often enough then eventually there will be a wolf. Meanwhile, if they continue their all-encompassing scare-mongering they should just be ignored, since a random toss of the coin is likely to prove equally predictive about harmful chemicals. (The same goes for so-called GM food, which has also been subject to extensive scare-mongering by the so-called environmentalists.)

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