Azara Blog: BBC swallows the government line about road pricing

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Date published: 2006/10/16

The BBC says:

Road charging is the government's radical proposal to cut congestion, and pilot schemes are being developed. So what would it be like? A BBC experiment intends to find out.

This would be the biggest single change to the way we drive since the invention of the motorway.
The government likes road charging because it makes drivers face up to the true cost of road congestion.

The BBC swallowing government propaganda wholesale. There is no such thing as the "true cost of road congestion" since there is no free market in roads, because the government completely controls the supply. So the government can arbitrarily decide not to build or improve roads, or to close existing roads down, and then congestion gets worse. The real truth is that "the government likes road congestion" because it is another source of tax, and because it means they can blame the victim of road congestion, i.e. the driver, for the problem the government has created and refused to do anything about. Perhaps the BBC will one day advocate that London rail commuters should "face up to the true cost" of their commuting (which is subsidised by other UK taxpayers, in particular car drivers).

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