Azara Blog: Maggie's Children allegedly will be worse off

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Date published: 2006/10/17

The BBC says:

Improving the stock of affordable housing and giving savings tax breaks are two key ways to alleviate old age poverty, a think-tank has said.

In its report called Maggie's Children, the Policy Exchange looked at how people born between 1980 and 1995 would fare in 50 years' time.

Student debt and high house prices will impair the financial fortunes of this "unlucky" generation, the report said.

It warned that "Maggie's Children" would be poorer than their parents.
The key recommendations in the 144 page report include:

"Maggie's Children" not only face the prospect of an impoverished old age, many also will be living alone, according to the report.

Another pointless report. A "de-centralised planning system" would result in fewer houses being built, not more. The only reason most housing is being built today is because central government is requiring local authorities to provide it. And there is already a "lifetime savings account", it's called the State pension. And grandparents hardly need tax credits, for child care or otherwise, that would just provide yet another tax break for the middle class (i.e. the rich). If Maggie's Children have a hard time it is because Britain might well get poorer relative to the rest of the world, thanks largely to the anti-commercial mentality of the British ruling elite.

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