Azara Blog: There will allegedly be a large expansion in nuclear power

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Date published: 2006/10/17

The BBC says:

The world needs a 20-fold expansion in nuclear energy in order to prevent dangerous climate change, the head of a leading industry body has said.

John Ritch, director-general of the World Nuclear Association, made his comments at a conference in Sydney.

He said nuclear power was the only way to fuel fast-developing nations without big rises in greenhouse gases, and that nuclear weapons is an unrelated issue.
There are about 440 reactors in the world producing electricity, and Mr Ritch forecast a major expansion ahead, with almost 30 new plants currently under construction.

"We will be moving... to a world in the next 25 years in which we have more than 1,000 reactors, and by mid-century I would expect we would have 2,000 to 3,000 reactors in the world," he said, concluding that by the end of the century, a 20-fold increase on today's numbers would be feasible and desirable.

Well he is hardly an unbiased observer. And nuclear power is not nearly as "carbon free" as it pretends (but neither is solar or wind power). It will be amazing if his predictions of the number of reactors by 2050 turns out to be anything near the mark.

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