Azara Blog: Bill to classify gardens as greenfield fails

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Date published: 2006/10/20

The BBC says:

A Kent MP has suffered a setback in his drive to give private gardens greater protection from housing developers.

Greg Clark, MP for Tunbridge Wells, is battling so-called "garden grabbing", where new housing is built on land that was previously one home and a garden.

Because they are classed as brownfield land, councils can do little to stop developments on front and back gardens.

But Mr Clark's Protection of Private Gardens Bill has failed to get a second reading after the government objected.
The MP said he had obtained government figures which showed that 26% of new housing in the South East was being built on the site of what was previously a single dwelling and garden.

Well hardly any private bills get through parliament, so the failure is hardly a big deal. And if you care to go far enough back in time, then 100% of housing is built on the site of what previousy was not built on. This is the way the world goes when the population goes from nothing to 60 million and climbing. The current pressure on gardens is mainly due to refusal by the ruling elite to allow building on (real) greenbelt land, and the concomitant claim that somehow so-called brownfield sites (which are often not really that brownfield) are somehow more environmentally appropriate for new building. So any land (such as a back garden) that is accidentally classified as brownfield is suddenly worth millions of pounds per acre.

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