Azara Blog: UK government has allegedly wasted oil and gas revenues

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Date published: 2006/10/23

The BBC says:

The government has been accused of "squandering" the windfalls of the country's now dwindling North Sea oil and gas reserves.

Income from these sources should have been better invested in renewable energy, says a report by the New Economics Foundation and the WWF.

It also claims that £1 in every £12 of government income comes from oil or gas, making it "hooked" on the fuels.

These clowns cannot have it both ways. Either you want oil and gas and other carbon-intensive energy sources to be taxed highly (a so-called carbon tax, although that word is rarely mentioned in this context) or you do not. The so-called environmentalists better make up their minds which it should be, and try to be consistent from one minute to the next. No doubt everyone can think of better ways to spend government revenue, and so-called renewable energy is one such area, but it is only one very small part of the big picture. We could also do with better schools, transport network, etc. Get in the queue.

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