Azara Blog: The BSI promotes a safety standard for school trips

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Date published: 2006/10/26

The BBC says:

One in three parents does not know who is in charge when their children are away on a school trip, a poll suggests.

The survey commissioned by the British Standards Institution (BSI) asked more than 700 UK parents for their views on children's safety on trips abroad.

It showed 82% thought trips should comply with a safety standard.

The results were released ahead of a meeting in London where BSI, the UK's standards body, will unveil a draft standard aimed at making trips safer.

Yet another meaningless survey. You might as well ask whether parents want excellent education for their kids, or dozens of new books every year in their kids' schools, or better health care for their kids, or world peace. No doubt the survey did not ask the parents whether they were willing to pay for this extra level of bureaucracy. When a special interest pressure group does a survey promoting one of their pet ideas, only benefits are mentioned, never costs. The real question here, as always, is whether the benefit outweighs the cost. (Of course parents rarely worry about the costs of education because they assume that non-parents will pay for it all. And to a large extent that is true, although not so much for school trips.)

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