Azara Blog: Labour leaks letter about green taxes

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Date published: 2006/10/29

The BBC says:

The environment secretary is proposing green taxes designed to change people's behaviour to offset global warming, according to a Sunday newspaper.

The Mail on Sunday quotes a leaked letter from David Miliband to Chancellor Gordon Brown.

Proposals include "pay as you drive" and cheap flight taxes and levies on energy-wasting appliances, it says.
In the letter to Mr Brown, Mr Miliband calls for measures to combat "car use and ownership", and a "substantial increase" in road tax, the paper claims. He also calls for a new pay-per-mile pollution tax.

The paper said leaked proposals suggest families with big cars could end up paying more than £1,000 a year in additional tax.

Of course Mr Miliband himself will be one of the few people who will not end up paying any more tax, because he is driven to and from work, and flies thousands of miles, all at public expense. Hopefully he will propose that ministers should in future pay for their own transport. All the three main political parties are now seeing who can flagellate themselves (well, the voters) more in an attempt to claim to be "green". Needless to say they are all hypocritical, and in particular do not want green taxes to change people's behaviour since that would require massive tax increases elsewhere. And there is already a "pay-per-mile pollution tax", it's called the petrol tax. But never let reality get in the way of a good storyline.

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