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Date published: 2006/11/05

The BBC says:

Saddam Hussein has been convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death by hanging.

The former Iraqi leader was convicted over the killing of 148 people in the mainly Shia town of Dujail following an assassination attempt on him in 1982.
The process was marked by frequent interruptions by defendants and their lawyers and problems with security.

The first judge assigned to preside over the case, Rizgar Amin, resigned after complaining of government interference and three defence lawyers were assassinated.

And the former leader's lawyers have attacked the timing of the planned verdict, which comes days before the US votes in mid-term elections.

US President George W Bush's Republican Party is at risk of losing control of Congress, in part because of voter dissatisfaction over its handling of the Iraq conflict.

What a surprise. The victors find the vanquished guilty. The only good thing here is that in this case Hussein deserves to die, he was a horrible dictator. That is the only possible excuse Bush and Blair have left for why they launched their disasterous foray into Iraq. Of course that was not the reason the war was launched, it was just a party political exercise so that the Republican Party could look tough and patriotic. The fact that the verdict coincidentally comes two days before the mid-term elections is just further proof of this party political motivation. Unfortunately Bush and Blair have managed to replace a horrible dictator with a feeble democracy which will soon result in Iraq being split into three parts, with the biggest and richest part, dominated by the Shiites, probably eventually being run as a horrible theocracy. This is easily the most disasterous foreign policy misadventure in the history of America. The only possible good that might come out of all of this is that it might encourage the world to move away from its dependence on oil sooner rather than later.

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