Azara Blog: Republicans get hammered in 2006 elections

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Date published: 2006/11/08

The BBC says:

Democrats have won control of the US House of Representatives in mid-term polls, for the first time in 12 years.

The party surpassed the 15 extra seats needed to wrest power from the Republicans, but the Senate race remains too close to call.

Democratic hopes of taking the Senate hinge on Montana and Virginia, but Virginia is facing a likely recount.

Correspondents say Democratic gains reflect voter discontent over Iraq, government corruption and the economy.

A day of liberation. Of course the Democratic leaders are themselves fat cats who have more in common with their opponents across the aisle than with the hundreds of millions of ordinary Americans. But at least Democrats don't seem to believe in torture. And at least Democrats did not start the war in Iraq for party political purposes. And at least Democrats believe that the federal budget deficit is now beyond a joke and needs attention. The basic problem for the Republican Party this year was that conscientious Republicans stayed home or even voted Democrat, and although there are not many Republicans like that, it was enough to tip the balance in some crucial races. Even though the Republicans ran their typically scummy negative campaign, offering nothing to Americans but threats and scare-mongering. Perhaps the best consequence (assuming the Democrats do gain nominal control of the Senate) is that Bush will no longer be able to put fundamentalist nutters, who believe the President is above the law, onto the Supreme Court. Bush himself is finished, but his terrible legacy will linger for decades, both at home and abroad.

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