Azara Blog: Congress might send Bolton packing

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Date published: 2006/11/10

The BBC says:

The US envoy to the UN, John Bolton, looks set to lose his job after the Democrats' victory in mid-term polls.

Mr Bolton was appointed to the post during a Congressional recess after his nomination stalled in the Senate.

The White House wants Mr Bolton to stay at the UN, but the chances are slim of him being backed by the Senate.

He would become the second high-profile member of President George Bush's team to leave after the polls, following Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Mr Bolton's appointment in August 2005 was a procedural manoeuvre which avoided the need for him to be confirmed until the end of this year.

That procedure cannot be repeated, and the new climate in Congress appears to rule out winning a two-thirds majority of senators.

President Bush has formally asked for Mr Bolton to be confirmed during the final session of the outgoing Senate.

But the senators who opposed Mr Bolton last time, including one Republican, are refusing to change their minds.

Bolton represents everything that is wrong about the Bush administration. Hopefully Congress will indeed send him packing, and require Bush to nominate someone who has some respect for the rest of the world, instead of just being arrogant and inward looking.

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