Azara Blog: Chocolate allegedly good for reducing risk of clots

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Date published: 2006/11/15

The BBC says:

A small amount of dark chocolate a day can thin the blood and cut the risk of clots in much the same way as taking aspirin, US researchers have said.

Researchers carried out tests on 139 "chocoholics" who were disqualified from another study because they could not give up their habit.
They carried out tests comparing how long it took platelets taken from the "chocoholics" and others who had not eaten chocolate to clump together when they were run through a mechanical blood vessel system.

Platelets from those who stayed away from chocolate clotted faster, at 123 seconds, compared with 130 seconds for the chocolate group.

Wow, a whole 130 seconds versus 123. But only if you stuff yourself so much with chocolate as to make yourself ill. Presumably for normal chocolate eaters the effect is down in the noise. So this sounds like another perfectly pointless health study. In particular they are only looking at one thing in isolation and needless to say there are downsides of eating chocolate (certainly of eating a lot of chocolate). The only advantage of this study is that it is a stick in the eye for the health fascists who want to make sure that nobody ever eats anything unhealthy like chocolate.

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